Climate change is real and the ones who are in the capacity to initiate the change should have the duty to act upon it, developing the opportunities that come with this new context. Replacing competition with connection, moving away from an “oil based” world that generates more pollution and plastic waste that our human species, our biodiversity or the planet can handle, could allow us to get back to our true connection to the nature. It would remind us that we are ONE, all connected, always interacting with each other and the environment around us

ANTIGONE was born with the purpose to promote a new way of doing business, not only in how we design, make or distribute our products, but also by helping the ones in need and transitioning towards a new world . As a proud member of the “1% for the planet” community, we contribute 1% of our sales revenue to environmental nonprofits working to defend our air, land and water, locally and around the globe. When you shop with us, you take part of this mission, joining the movement that works towards a new world, focusing on true connection and care for each other and the nature around us.