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Our Vision

ANTIGONE was born with the purpose of promoting a new way of doing business, focusing on artisanal quality over quantity, local craftsmanship over imported mass production, organic ultra-soft fibers over synthetic material, love over greed. We contribute 1% of our revenue to local charities and we work exclusively with carefully curated NYC family-owned workshops who love their teams and share our values of social responsibility and honor for our environment. It is because we all love what we do that we can deliver loungewear and accessories with the highest quality in the industry.

Our standards support our vision of creating a new fashion world in which luxury and quality are associated with sustainability and local craftsmanship, developing loungewear and accessories in limited editions, focusing on elegance, and comfort.

The brand name “Antigone” comes from the Greek mythology, in which the woman character shows civil disobedience to give a proper burial to her brother, putting her own life at risk while standing out for the values she believes in. With the same spirit, we want to provide to our community the capacity to STAND OUT, not only in terms of their look and style, but also by honoring their values by the way they live.

Our designs aim at making you feel good and connected to the world, focusing on style, and sourcing sustainable and exceptionally soft fabrics to make those designs a reality. We give special attention to essential pieces of clothing, creating long-lasting garments that can be used in many ways so that you can buy fewer of them, in alignment with our value of mindful and conscious consumption.

We want to run our business the right way, with the respect and fair treatment of our teams remaining our main priority. We always focus on our people and the quality of our relationships, creating a friendly work environment to make sure that everybody can make a proper living with their work and contribution.

ANTIGONE was recently born in the COVID-19 context, making our mission even more relevant for the new world that we are entering, in which local production, focus on quality over quantity, and sustainable material use will be the norm. We are committed to honoring this norm; it is our small contribution.